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The Checkbox macro is a simple macro that creates checkboxes on Confluence pages. More details can be found on the Checkbox page in the Atlassian Marketplace

Quick start

Users can create checkboxes on Confluence pages by inserting the 'checkbox' macro. This can be done when editing a page in one of two ways:

  • Select 'Insert->Other Macros' from the tool bar, then find the 'Checkbox' macro in the macros dialog box.
  • Type '{checkbox' into the page.

Once a checkbox is added to a page, it can be clicked on and off by users Th0e user's name and the date of the click are recorded and optionally displayed on the page. Checkboxes can also set and clear a label.

A typical checkbox on a Confluence page may look as follows:

After the checkbox is clicked,  it might look like this:

Macro options

The macro has the following parameters:

 Parameter name
 Id @autoThis an optional id for the checkbox. If the default value is used, the macro will automatically assign an id.  The same id can be used for multiple checkboxes and they will all show the same checked state. 
 noneThis is an optional field for a label that will be set or cleared based on the checkbox state. When the checkbox is checked, the label will be added to the page. When the checkbox is cleared, the label will be removed from the page.
 showName noIf this parameter is set, the name of the use who checked the checkbox will be shown at the right of the checkbox's text

 showDate noIf this parameter is set, the date that the checkbox was checked will be shown at the right of the chechbox's text

 status offThis is the starting value of the checkbox. Normally,  checkboxes are started unchecked, but if this is selected, the initial state will be checked. Once the checkbox has been used, this parameter will not have any further effect.

Usage Notes

  • If the checkbox body text is edited, then the checkbox will be automatically unchecked.
  • The text shown next to the checkbox is the macro's 'body' text that can be entered in the macro's edit box in edit mode.

  • Checkbox macros can be placed on Template pages, but as of version 1.2, they will not render in preview mode.

Suggested Uses

Checkbox lists

Put a series of checkboxes in a table to make a check list. Very useful for quality control checklists!

Maintain labels

Page labels can be easily maintained by using checkboxes. Simply use checkboxes,with descriptions, to toggle page labels on and off


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